Call Recording Override

This article describes how to manually enable and disable call recording. Temporarily Disabling Call Recording If your Hosted PBX is programmed to automatically record calls by default, this can be disabled during an active call (for the this call only). To temporarily de-activate call recording: While the call is active, Read more

Why have I received two invoices in a single month?

Delay in processing a previous invoice From time to time, an invoice may be delayed in some circumstances such as: Processing error on our billing system Delay in connecting or disconnecting a service Previously unresolved billing dispute or complaint Delay in completing a project or fee-for-service request Delay in receiving Read more

I have received my first invoice. Why is it higher than expected?

Setup fees and once-off charges Your first invoice may include charges beyond just your agreed monthly fee. For example, your first invoice may include: Equipment Purchases Setup fees Carrier installation charges Labour charges Deposits or installment payments Porting fees Please check your bill carefully as each of these items will Read more

Notification of planned maintenance

From time to time, Binary Networks or our partners and carriers, may perform maintenance on their networks. In some instances the maintenance activity can be planned in advance however sometimes unforeseen events can occur such as infrastructure damage, system failure or catastrophic weather events. Network Related Maintenance If Binary Networks Read more

Warranty for goods and equipment

All Binary Networks hardware and equipment is sold with a 12 month return to base warranty from the date of sale. Some models of SNOM IP Telephones have an additional 12 months manufacturer’s warranty. Before claiming a warranty return, we will complete basic analysis of the product. This might include:> Read more

NBN Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) NCD Troubleshooting

NBN FTTC Connection Device Status Lights The article will explain the status lights found on the NBN™ Connection Device (NCD) used for NBN™ Fibre to the Curb (FTTC)services, which may be useful for  troubleshooting. Status lights The status lights may be covered by a small sliding panel on the face Read more

How to Hot Desk on Hosted PBX

IMPORTANT: Users must set and know their voicemail PIN before they can use the Hot Desking feature.   To login to a hotdesk: Go to the phone where you will be hot desking from. Dial *70 and press the confirm button on the telephone keypad. Enter your extension number when prompted. Enter your Read more

Microsoft Teams – Assigning phone numbers to user account

Using Legacy Skye for Business Portal Log into Microsoft teams admin center Click Legacy portal From the menu, Click Voice Click Voice Users tab Find your active user and select Change under the Assigned Number pane Enter the phone number and press Save   Using Powershell Download and install the module from the link Skype Read more

Reviewing Broadband Usage in the Customer Portal

To review the details of your broadband usage   Log into the customer portal – Under the Data Services section, click Broadband Services Locate the broadband service or filter by search criteria Click Usage History to review the last 12 months of data usage for this service. Last 12 Read more

Microsoft Teams – BinaryVoice Setup Guide

These instructions will assist you in setting up a BinaryVoice SIP Trunk on Office365 Teams Environment. These instructions are suitable for Native SIP trunk scenarios. If you are looking for a Hybrid voice solution, please contact customer service.  Please note that the setup of your teams environment is outside the Read more