Extensions are essentially the phone numbers you give to the phones connected to the PBX, which are the extensions of the PBX.

That is how one phone of the PBX can call another and how external calls can be directed to a particular extension etc. Extensions have a wide selection of settings.

If you require additional extensions, please contact TRUECOM Sales


Configuring an Extension

    • Go to your selected domain in the TruePBX web interface.
    • Go to Extensions
    • Click on any extension from the list that you want to change.


There are many settings divided into tabs:



  • List – Shows the list of extensions in case you want to choose another one.
  • Create – is for creating new extension(s).
  • General – has all the general settings of the extension.
  • Redirection – has all settings involving redirection of the extension like DND, call forwarding, cell phone inclusion etc.
  • Mailbox – has all the mailbox settings, including interface for uploading the greeting wave files, and shows the voicemails of the extension.
  • Email – for setting up the email address and other email settings of the extension.
  • Registration  – for settings related to registrations for the extension. You may register one or more devices for one extension.
  • Permission – here you can define what permissions the extension has.
  • Buttons –  for setting up the buttons of the device that will register to this extension. Here you can specify which button profile you want to assign to the extension.
  • Customize – which lets you change the look and feel for this user. It also allows you to change the web pages & phone config templates, etc.